• Colcom Glass Fittings

    Based in Italy, Colcom produce glass shower fittings,  hinges, locks and fastenings for internal/external glass doors and tempered glass partitions.

    Focusing on innovation and careful design their comprehensive range of products provide a mixture of great aesthetics and supreme functionality.

    As a Colcom fittings supplier, AHD can provide:

    Hydraulic glass patch fittings
    Hydraulic glass door hinges
    Shower door fittings
    Shower door seals
    Shower door handles and accessories

    We can also order anything in the range of Colcom glass hardware for you. 

  • AHD Glass Fittings are the sole distributor of SpeedyByCasma products in the UK and Ireland. We are the business Suppliers of over 2600 fittings for glass door assemblies.

    For any enquiries please contact us on:

    0161 643 3399


    or alternatively use the contact form.

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